Woodlands Select 2018 Dark Amber

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Woodlands Select 2018 Dark Amber 12 oz stout bottle has been sourced from our farm located in Delaware County, New York.

A bit darker in color than our Amber grade, Dark Amber is usually harvested toward the middle to the end of the tap run, as the weather begins to turn warmer. Dark Amber has a more rounded flavor and a smooth finish and tastes great in yogurt and oatmeal. Depending on your taste buds, you may notice notes of vanilla, caramel or even cocoa.

Dark Amber is the "traditional" maple flavor grade that most people select, although when we give people samples of Woodlands Select Dark Amber, the reaction is much more than traditional - “Wow, that is good! I have never tasted maple like that.”

Woodlands Select Dark Amber has a stronger and deeper flavor that can be a great flavor enhancer in BBQ sauces and glazes for grilled meat. It’s also an ideal ingredient for cocktails, coffee and as a replacement for honey in any food served including cheese plates. If what nature produces also makes your recipes taste better, like our delicious Dark Amber, it’s a no-brainer.