"Woodlands pure maple syrup tastes so good I’d never serve my family anything else, sorry Grocery Store syrups!”
David - San Francisco

"I’m a Woodlands Maple customer because no matter what grade I get, the flavor is incredibly robust and fragrant. We order it by the [32] ounce jug and use it as the primary sweetener in the house. We use it for pancakes and waffles - of course - but because the flavor is so resilient, it is extremely versatile in the kithcen. We use it to glaze carrots, accent roasted parsnip soup, apply it to roasts, and use it to cure our own bacon. Quality aside, it makes me happy to know that Woodlands is carefully sourced only from within New York and I can support my local maple farmer."
Jason - New York

"Tastes too good to be so healthy" 
David A. - BizBash Media

"At Union Fare restaurant I put Woodlands maple syrup into my coffee every morning! Its a natural and slightly sweet way to start my day. I use Woodlands maple syrup to add a little hint of sweetness and depth to my chicken jus with turmeric root and natural apple cider vinegar"
Yvan D. Lemoine - Executive Chef

"Woodlands Maple is so rich, a taste of luxury and makes you feel warm and exuberant-so real, like nature."
Robert Reiss - Dentist

"You can’t go wrong dealing with this company! Some of the most personalized service I have ever received. We ordered maple syrup as corporate gifts for our family office in Illinois. We’re in California and Woodlands Maple is in New York. Michael was so unbelievably accommodating, with individual cards on each bottle, consolidating shipping, and ultimately charging us only very nominal shipping. It all arrived in good order and was beautifully packaged. While I haven’t had the opportunity to taste this syrup myself, I hear from the “giftees” that it is absolutely delicious. Very impressed."
Karen Giles

"First of all, the personalized customer service you get from Michael is exemplary. He aims to please and that he does. We ordered corporate gifts from him this year, shipping to our family office in IL. The packaging was wonderful and he charged us a very nominal shipping cost to ship 10 bottles to our staff there. I had not tasted this syrup, so Michael generously sent me a complimentary bottle of the Very Dark Maple and a sampler bottle of the Amber (in case I didn't like the dark, I guess.) Well. I fully expected to not really like the Very Dark Maple because I have had dark maple syrup before and found it to be rather bitter and unappealing. THIS STUFF IS LIKE CRACK!! I had it on a waffle this morning and it was SO good! I tasted the amber too, and it was also good, but in terms of flavor the Very Dark Maple wins, hands down. Michael includes some recipe cards for incorporating maple syrup into some of your cooking and I actually can't wait to try that. The depth of flavor this syrup will add to certain dishes is bound to be amazing. Pretty sure I'm going to be doing some Christmas shopping myself here next year. Do yourself a favor and give it a try."
Karen, California