About Us

Woodlands Maple began its public life by providing pure single farmed bottled organic maple to the most prestigious restaurants and hotels in New York City. These world renowned chefs use Woodlands Maple to top breakfast dishes and as an ingredient to elevate their recipes. Our maple has also found its way to the bar where mixologists have selected it as a natural vegan sweetener for their signature cocktails.

Woodlands Maple is on a mission to source the best-tasting, sustainable, single-origin New York State organic maple syrup. We scour the state to select farmers whose trees, soil and production methods produce the most distinctive clean maple syrup. Woodlands Maple is never blended with syrups from other sources, so the unique flavor profile of each regional farm comes through in every bottle.

Our goal is to find like-minded farmers who believe in harvesting maple syrup while employing sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of collection and production. Because we want to do our fair share to help ensure our forests will be around for future generations, we donate a percentage of our gross profits to charitable organizations that work to protect our natural resources: