Tasteful & Unique Holiday Gifts



A gift of our 12 oz. Select bottle arrives box wrapped for travel in our artisanal designed canister. We include a personalized note and a Statement of Provenance. Woodlands Select comes in all of our flavor grades, Amber, Dark Amber, and our most robust maple, Very Dark. Use promo code "HOLIDAY" and receive 10% off. Buy Now

Our NY Farm Sampler Duo, our two travel ready elves, Amber & Dark Amber (just under 2 oz. each) gift boxed and ready. The Duo makes a perfect travel companion for your breakfast obsessed so they can be sure they have pure organic maple when they dine out. Use promo code "HOLIDAY" and receive 10% off. Buy Now

Our NY Farm Sampler Trio, showcasing all of our organic flavor grades, Amber, Dark Amber and Very Dark (just under 2 oz. each) in one travel ready gift box. Great for camping too! Use promo code "HOLIDAY" and receive 10% off.  Buy Now

Make your 2018 holiday season even more festive and special passing around our family size quart-it is BPA recyclable plastic - no glass to break, so even your youngest can be safe tossing and pouring our maple. Like all of our organic maple, our Quart is grown, harvested and bottled on one farm so the distinct flavor of the region's terroir shines through. Buy Now

More Reasons Woodlands Maple Makes a Great Gift

Unique Gift - Not the typical gift and every time they pour it they will think of your sweet generosity.  Our maple is versatile, at home on everything from oatmeal to yogurt and coffee and tea. Amazing ingredient for marinades and as a glaze on roasted vegetables.

Single-Origin Bottling - When maple is grown, harvested and bottled all on one farm and not blended with maple from other producers, the nuanced flavors of the farm's terroir come shining through resulting in the distinctive WOW flavor that is Woodlands.

Certified Organic & More - Our trees and soil are free of dangerous insecticides and we do not use chemicals during the evaporation of the sap. Of course our maple is also Vegan, Non/GMO and Gluten free.  For diabetics, our maple is so full of flavor you don’t need to use as much and it is less glycemic than white sugar, agave and honey.

Farmer Friendly - We exclusively source from and support NY farm families. We pay them faster and a better wage so they can maintain and upgrade their equipment to assure the quality of the maple they produce.

Eco-Friendly - We donate a percentage of our gross profits to environmental causes including forest management to make sure family farms will be sustainable for future generations.