Is Woodlands Maple Vegan?

Yes, Woodlands makes a perfect substitute for honey.

Is Woodlands Certified Kosher?

Yes, one of our farms is Certified Kosher. When choosing the Grade of maple you want check the farm description provided, if it is Kosher it will say so.

What temperature is best to serve Woodlands?

Woodlands is delicious served cold, room temperature or slightly heated (10-15 seconds in a microwave is perfect) depending on your particular taste. Be aware, if you heat maple syrup the viscosity will become thinner and more fluid. Conversely, colder syrup will pour slower and be thicker in density. Whichever way you choose to serve Woodlands, the distinctive flavor will be there.

My bottle of maple arrived with a lot of foam on top--is it ok?

Yes, your Woodlands maple is fine, it just had a rough ride and might have been a bit shaken up. The foam should go away in time after it gets used to its new home.

The cap is stuck-hard to reopen

Just run the cap under warm water for a few moments. This should release the cap so it can open. In the future, after using give the bottle opening a quick wipe before reclosing and placing back in the refrigerator.

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