A Unique Gift

This holiday season surprise those on your gift list with a unique gift from Woodlands Maple. Woodlands Maple is more than just a topping for pancakes. It adds an amazing naturally sweet maple flavor to oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream, coffee and tea.

As a pure certified organic sweetener made exclusively by our healthy NY trees, Woodlands Maple will make your pork chops, ribs, turkey, ham and chicken burst with flavor. On Brussell Sprouts, carrots, parsnips and butternut squash, our maple adds a caramelized maple finish that makes vegetables even better.

If your gift recipients love all natural foods with no artificial ingredients, and always spend the extra time reading labels and  searching for the healthiest and distinctive food products like  gourmet coffee, fine chocolates or special single-origin olive oils, then they will love a gift of Woodlands Maple.  If anyone on your list follows a Vegan diet, our organic maple makes an even more delicious gift than honey which surprisingly is not vegan.

More reasons anyone on your gift list would love a gift of Woodlands Maple:

• It is less glycemic than white sugar, Agave or honey

• More vitamins than any other sweetener

• Filled with healthy antioxidants

• Vegan, Certified Organic, Single Origin-never blended

• We support NY Farming Families paying them a better wage

• They will love the great packaging and know you took the time to pick a unique gift