Woodlands Select 2018 Very Dark

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Woodlands Select 2018 Very Dark 12 oz stout bottle has been sourced from our farm located in Jefferson County, New York.

Our Woodlands Select Very Dark has a robust and vibrant maple flavor. Very Dark is best for recipes that need an intense burst of maple flavor to carry through to plating. It’s great as a flavor enhancer for bread and cookies and makes bacon and other pork recipes really shine.

Typically, Very Dark is the grade that nature delivers towards the very end of the maple tapping season when the tree’s sugar chemistry creates sap that is at its darkest just before the Spring buds appear on the branches.

Since it has such an amazingly strong maple flavor, Very Dark is also a great one to one substitute for recipes that call for molasses or maybe as a substitute for fudge on vanilla ice cream or when you want a healthy maple kick for your hot cereal.