Woodlands Select

Woodlands Select grades are harvested exclusively from New York State organic farms. We work closely with our farmers to ensure every bottle of Woodlands is the best tasting and purest maple syrup you’ve ever had.

Woodlands Maple never blends syrups and we make sure every Woodlands farm meets our high standards. We are obsessed with delivering a pure maple experience for our loyal customers who care passionately about their food choices.

Each bottle of Woodlands Select, like an individual piece of fruit, has its own unique flavor. Woodlands distinctive flavor is a result of a number of factors coming together; the region’s terroir, the weather at harvest, the time of the tapping season and our farmers' strict adherence to using best practices.

Woodlands Select is offered in a 12 oz stout bottle and comes in three flavor grades, Amber, our lightest, Dark Amber, our medium flavor grade, and our most robust maple, Very Dark.