2019 International Restaurant & Foodservice Show

Imagine an event space filled with the energy of foodservice professionals from across the country, the aromas of freshly baked bread and sizzling veggie burgers, the clatter of plates and silverware, and lines of hungry consumers waiting to try the next big thing. The 2019 International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York was just that and more. Amidst a sea of passionate food professionals promoting plant-based protein products, gluten-free waffle mixes, micro greens and eco-friendly packaging, at Woodlands, we had the opportunity to participate in all the bustle, sampling our maple right along side the newest and more cutting edge products in the food industry.

Our pitch was simple: Organic, Single-origin, Small-batch, New York based, and Delicious.

The responses were very positive. In a world filled with processed food it isn't hard to see why today's consumers respond so positively to food products that maintain their integrity and natural flavor. Pure, locally sourced maple syrup is impossible to fabricate, and the proof is in the flavor. After sampling our maple syrup, chefs, bakery owners, nutritionists, health food CEOs, and restauranturs alike enthusiastically echoed our company slogan: "WOW!"

One of the exciting aspects about a food expo such as the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show is the opportunity it offered us to explain WHY the flavor of Woodlands Maple is so incredible and unique. Many of our consumers were surprised to hear that most maple syrup sold on retail shelves is a blend of syrups that have been sourced from many farms. We were proud to share that our maple is "single-origin", meaning each bottle comes from only one farm. This single-origin philosophy allows the true flavor of each independent region that we source from to shine through.